Last Chance For Kontera

Make Money Online | April 8th, 2008 | 2 Comments

Regardless that many find Kontera ads annoying and disturbing the read I have to admit that I personally don’t find Kontera ads annoying and they are not disturbing me while reading at all, and this is the main case why I keep Kontera ads on this blog. What I can tell you so far about Kontera is that their click through rate is pretty much higher then other PPC programs I have used on websites with similar amount of traffic, but the Pay Per Click is pretty low. But money is not the case of this post, but rather an issue that I do believe that truly disturbs the readers of this blog instead of giving useful informations for them.

The whole story started when I decided to take a closer look on my Kontera Ads and see how I can improve the click through rate, earnings and serve (if needed) the readers of this blog with related ads. What I actually did was surfing through several pages of my blog and made sure that each of the pages I am surfing shares different content and uses different keywords (starting from seo tutorials, make money online articles, internet marketing, open topic chit chat and even articles on how to use search engines to get your best results with less hassle). Doing this one thing caught my eye, there were too many unrelated ads from which visitors of this blog would not benefit at all. These ads were mainly from dictionary websites which would cover interesting (but useless) keywords such as blog, blogging and other keywords one would be using while writing an article.

My second step, after playing with the ads colors, on optimizing my kontera ads was to block these advertisers from which the readers of this blog would not be benefiting. After blocking the 2-3 dictionary website advertisers I did saw that my Kontera ads were replaced with more content related ads and new keywords took place to be used from the advertisers, until two weeks ago.

What happened two weeks ago is that I saw another dictionary website massively covering many of the keywords and advertising their website here at This advertiser is covering to me and to the readers of this blog precious keywords that could be used from advertisers that would provide a more related informations/services to the content this blog shares with its readers, to name just few of the precious keywords (but useless if they will be used from

  • internet marketing
  • SEO (not always, but too often)
  • make money online
  • search engine rankings
  • search engines

all these keywords, if used from a proper advertiser would be of benefit for the readers, me, Kontera and even the advertiser, but seems like that does not make sense to someone so (a online dictionary website) is worth to cover those keywords, NO.

I have so far emailed to block from appearing on this seo blog for several times, the first time I was told it was blocked and the next day I saw them there..again, after 4 days (thought it could be a glitch or something) emailed them again to let them know that it has not been blocked as it was told to me. I received a reply that its true what i said (oh really?) and that they will forward the ticket to the technical department, department which replied to me within 2 days telling me …. (are you ready to hear this?) … that they can’t block The answer was short and clear, without any further informations or explanations (probably was busy with their kontera video contest).

The next thing I did was contacting the kind lady but unfortunately she is out of office (uh my luck), to let her know about the two solutions I had in mind

  1. To get blocked from appearing on ads of this blog, or
  2. To drop them an email with a nice big list of keywords that ads are covering on this blog and bug them every now and then when I see ads covering a new keyword.

Well, she is out of office so no kind lady for me this time, but instead a third solution popped out in my head. I know I won’t be losing nothing, and that neither Kontera will be losing a big deal, but I will prefer to not serve Kontera ads instead of serve unrelated ads to the content this blog has, and thats for the respect of my readers and for my own desire to not have that advertiser (or any other dictionary related advertisers) in this blog.

I will keep Kontera ads in this blog until the end of this month, date after which if this problem has not been resolved I will be removing the Kontera ads from this blog.

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2 Responses to “Last Chance For Kontera”
  1. My Kontera earnings have taken a dive in the last 3 weeks. I’m talking about only 30% of the usual amounts from a similar number of impressions. Between that Adsense and WidgetBucks my PPC earnings are rubbish at the moment!

  2. Thats the same thing happening to me too, aside that the impressions are increasing but the PPC is decreasing really bad. I still blame that dictionary…but of course it might not just as well be that.