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We do SEO for our site to gain more visitors and than to convert those visitors into customers and make revenue from our site, we do need a solid hosting that will make sure that our web site is online 100% of the time as each time our web hosting goes down we may lose a potential customer that could convert, we do need a solid web hosting for our seo purpose as we do not want the spider bot of the search engines to find our site unreachable due to our web hostings down time. If all these reasons are valid and make sense to you than I have the solution that will work for you, and if I am recommending this company in public it means that I have dealt with them and I know how good they are.

Small overview

ResellerZoom is one of the first companies that applied the Clustered hosting technology in their servers. Clustered hosting or rather failover hosting is a technology that utilizes multiple servers in the failover system that monitors the servers in 1 seconds of increment. Once the failover application detects that one of the servers is encountering failure it starts an available server which starts to take the command over the server that is encountering failure and serves its services as well, once the takeover is done which takes from 30 seconds to few minutes, the failover server will serve the network requests normal as e standalone system. The failover system in short words guarantees that even if the server where you are hosted encounters failures your site will remain online handled from the available failover system server. And I can tell you that this works, my site has reported only 7 minutes downtime in November of 2006 and since than up to date it has constantly had 100% uptime.

The HostingZoom

The Zoom company as I like to call them (which are actually registered as Hosting Zoom Inc.) operates in different sectors since the early 2004, each sector has its own staff that handles the issues. HostingZoom is a shared web hosting company with competitive prices and with the clustered failover system making it more stable than any other shared hosting. They offer a one type shared hosting plan of the price of $9.95 a month with a $19.95 one time setup fee, which might seem a bit expensive. But the 20GB of diskspace and 400 GB of bandwidth and the ability to host 20 separate sites under the same account make it be really cheap. Even tho this might seem as a real overselling, knowing the amount of servers HostingZoom handles I believe they can afford overselling their servers in that way, but in any case I would at any time recommend you reading their Terms of Services (TOS) before signing up to see if the terms are fine for you.

Reseller Zoom

ResellerZoom is the other division of the Hosting Zoom Inc. that handles Reseller Hosting deals. If you have always been inspired to start your own small web hosting business but could not afford the expensive dedicated server and hiring a sys admin to administrate your server, than ResellerZoom can be your solution, but it is not aiming only web hosting starters, in fact if have more than one web site and you would want to do SEO for them but not use addon domains to host your sites (as addon domains some times get treated as directory of the primary domain name by search engines) than with Reseller Zoom you get WHM (Web Hosting Management) access from which you can separately add sites that will have its own httpd.conf file, cpanel and all the other options you get with a web hosting company.

The Reseller hosting plans start at $6.95 month with a Budget Reseller plan and you get 4000MB of diskspace and 60Gb of bandwidth shared among all the sites you are hosting. To make things more sweet that the one plan hosting they have for the shared hosting deals, with reseller hosting you have several packages you can go with, including Advanced plans starting at $19.95 month, Failover reseller account start at less than $25, UK/Euro reseller plan for those that want to target the UK and Euro market starting at $24.95 and ending up with Asian Pacific hosting servers as well as Windows hosting servers starting at $22.95 month. Each of the above plans have 3 sub solutions, what else you could ask for more?


If shared hosting and reseller hosting is not what you need than the third division of of Hosting Zoom Inc., ModVPS is what you might be looking after. Hosting Zoom Inc. offers VPS (Virtual Private Servers) solutions under ModVPS business model. They offer 2 VPS plans at this moment, the cheapest one is at $45 a month and it comes with free billing software by your choice (WHM Autopilot or ClientExec) as well as 4 dedicated IPs and private nameservers.

As I have not used the ModVPS solutions I can’t say much on their servers and services, but as far as it regards ResellerZoom and HostingZoom I can tell you their support rocks even tho I had to contact their support staff twice or maybe maximum 5 times (can’t remember exactly) and their servers triple rock. If you are about to switch hosting, I would advice you ResellerZoom or HostingZoom at any time, for seo purpose and if you don’t want to receive emails from clients/visitors reporting downtime or have search engine spider bots getting a “unable to reach” message when attempting to crawl your server.

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