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If here at SEO Optimization I have always advised you to do your seo gradually or even to set small seo goals as advised by Paul Barlow of The Make Money Online we (me personaly) defintively did not meant to discourage you on your SEO venture and your search engine rankings, but rather tried to help you learn seo in the easy and most stable way. The humans we are, we tend to start things in a big boom, giving us high limits that we can’t achieve really in a short period of time, and than discouraging ourself and leaving behind all the hard work and effort you put at the beginning.

But there is a moment when you need to think on big, or at least a moment when you need to convince yourself that THATS MY GOAL and THOSE ARE MY COMPETITORS, and that moment is when you are trying to achieve good search engine rankings (but that will happen when you already have a decent knowledge on SEO).

Yes I know I said in my last post that I am a bit stressed as life is trying to play smart with me, and if thats not enough the slowing down posts helped me to have even a better stimulation for the day, losing couple position in the SERPs of Google. But once you have been there, you already know the road and it won’t be hard at all to get back. What I am trying to highlight with this is that, when you are about to think about doing SEO for your website, and someone tells you to check the number of competitors in the SERPs is like 20.000.000 or something DON’T BE AFRAID because that is NOT the number of competitors, even tho those are the sites (and their pages) that have that term (keyword) somewhere in the body of their content.

How many are your SERPs Competitors

I believe thats the question you are asking yourself while reading this post, you won’t believe it if I tell you but it is true, the number of your competitors is 10 single websites, nothing more and nothing less. Number 10 is the number of websites that appear in the first page of major search engines, and number 10 is the number of websites you need to compete with, kick them off the serps and get your site on number 1, because if you do search engine optimization (seo) for your website you are doing it to rank in the first page of the SERPs, not the second, not the third, but the first page and as higher as possible, and 10 websites is the number you need to think about competing with, forget about all the rest of the sites that are listed on the SERPs, you don’t care about them, you want to hit the first page.

This is where I am asking you to think on BIG and to forget the small goals, you can set small goals to traffic and you can also set a small number of the websites you need to compete with on the SERPs, the magic 10 websites that are sitting in the first page and are doing all the possible to remain there. Because the first page of the SERPs is the search engine ranking that WILL drive organic traffic to your site, not the second, not the third, those are the pages for those that want to try to survive, but that is not you.

Maybe this has confused you so let me speak loud and clear YOUR TARGET IS THE FIRST PAGE OF THE SERPs, thats your first goal, the second one is 3rd position and last but the hardest not only to achieve but as well as to maintain is the first position, the position when you can shout out loud, I am NUMBER ONE, but in the same time is the position which will make mad your competition and they will start working hard to get back to their position and knock you off.

Thanks for reading SEO Optimization, and just to remind you if you think you can give your contribute or would like some self-promotion by writing an article here just contact me.

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