Understanding AdSense Better

Make Money Online | April 25th, 2008 | Comments Off on Understanding AdSense Better

Google AdSense is one of the preferred pay per click programs which webmasters use to make money from their sites. What makes AdSense one of the preferred program is the easy to use, easy to understand and detailed report of the stats, it’s in-content textual advertising and not offensive at all to visitors, you have the freedom to blend your ads with the content and make it look as part of your content or you can chose to stand out the ads and distinguish from the rest of the content.

To make money with Google AdSense is not enough to just place the javascript code in your site and start building traffic. Okey, even that might be enough but if you are looking to bring your AdSense earnings to the maximum you need to understand how Google AdSense actually works from the roots.

About AdSense

Well AdSense is nothing else but a ad serving program run by Google. It is a sister program of AdWords (the pay-per-click advertising program of Google). Webmaster can enroll with AdSense program and publish content related advertisements, advertisement of advertisers that have signed up with Google AdWords.

So practically advertisers sign up with AdWords and gain access to a wide range of websites to advertise at, since many webmasters use Google AdSense to monetize their websites. For each click that the AdWords advertiser receives through the AdSense ads published in your site you earn a portion of those money and the other portion keeps Google.

It seems pretty easy and logical no? Well to understand even better how to make money from AdSense you have to also understand how AdWords actually works. So lets take a look.

About AdWords

As we said above, AdWords is the ad serving program run by Google, where advertisers pay an amount of money for each click they receive (aka, pay-per-click). The positive thing about AdWords is that with a small investment of money you can advertise your company, product or services at a wide range of websites, thanks to AdSense publishers.

The trick stands in that advertisers can decide how much money they can spend per click, minimum price which depends on several other factors (campaign quality, targeted keyword, landing page quality, etc). This does not mean that not everyone can advertise their company through AdWords, actually anyone can, but to have more exposure throughout the program you need to bid higher on a keyword for which you are targeting. In other words, the more you pay the more exposure you get and the more likely more people will be clicking in your ad.

However, even if your bid is not high enough for the targeted keyword it does not mean you will not get exposure at all, you certainly will get exposure but not on those ad blocks which perform best on the AdSense publishers website. (hint!)

This articles purpose is NOT an introduction to AdSense and AdWords, it is just an article to understand how these two sister program work and if you are good enough to read between the lines then you might have.

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