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So far we spoke about title optimization, importance of heading tags, anchor text but we just mentioned images for once or twice.

Even tho the weight search engines give to optimized images is not heavy as the title tag it still does help us in our SEO Optimization venture to rank higher in the SERPs. I have seen many web masters avoid optimizing their images because they are not aware of it, or simply because they don’t think it is worth the time.

Well let me tell you, on one of my web sites I had a typo on the image alt tag, and on my stats i kept seeing organic traffic coming to my website with a typo word. I was like going mad and worried that I might have made a typo and maybe my business would not be taken serious. I kept digging deeper and deeper into the side and checking every single paragraph for the possible typo. It ended up that I had the typo on the image alt tag **

Okey with that said I just wanted to show you that I have experienced and that image optimization DOES help. But now, lets see how to optimize a image (but not for image searches). I want to avoid image optimization for image searches since we want traffic to our content and not directly to our image.

Lets presume we have a search engine optimization website and we want to use a image logo instead of keywords in headings.

The next image is NOT what I would call optimized

<img src=”logo.gif” width=”180″ height=”60″ />

Neither this is what I would call image optimization

<img src=”logo.gif” width=”180″ height=”60″ alt=”Logo” />

While this is what I would call SEO optimized image

<img src=”logo.gif” width=”180″ height=”60″ alt=”Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” />

Oh hold on, neither this is image optimization, actually this would be keyword spamming (and might harm you)

<img src=”logo.gif” width=”180″ height=”60″ alt=”Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Service, SEO Company, SEO Expert, SEO software, SEO Tools” />

Keep in mind, image alt tag can HELP us in SEO Optimization of our web site, but as any other tag that search engines read, it can harm our web site too if we abuse and over use it (avoid keyword stuffing).

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5 Responses to “Search Engine Image Optimization”
  1. Wallace says:

    this is seo image tag: “Search_Engine_Optimization_SEO”

  2. Thanks for the great tips Astrit. How many images would you recommend per page – maximum?

  3. If the time load is not a problem for you, you can use as much images you want. One thing you might want to care about is to always try and keep the content as closer to the open body tag.

    Why i said loading time of your site, the faster your site can load the less time it will take to spybots to crawl your content. Think of a visitors stand point, if a visitor will have difficulties to load your site completely so will the spybots (but this does not mean spybots won’t crawl your site).

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  5. You are right but using alt text will only give visitors and crawler some level of smoothness but it wouldnt be helpful in terms of SEO. Also it may be helpful in Google Images query search result.
    Thanks and carry on with such ideas.