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SEO or search engine optimization is not a easy game, especially if you are getting involved now with SEO Optimization and trying to rank higher in the SERPs of the major search engines like Google search engine , MSN search engine or Yahoo search engine.

This tho should not let you down. Lots of reading and hard work will get you understand better search engine optimization (SEO) and start to rank higher in the SERPs. Not everyone can hire a SEO professional company to do SEO for their site but if you have time and you are willing to learn you can do the job for yourself, but as I said it is tough.

Usually when people use the word SEO they mean to rank higher in Google, same happens when they mention the word SERPs. This is not weird at all since Google search engine has the share market over the search engines, but you as newbie should not leave behind the other search engines and should learn about how to rank higher on Yahoo search engine SERPs and or MSN search engine. The technique to rank higher on other search engines than Google differs, it actually differs from one search engine to other.

Google search engine gives a lot of weight to backlinks that your site receives and the keywords that are used as anchor text in that link. Thats why Google’s PageRank exists, to collect the votes (links) for your site and give a score (the PageRank score). The more backlinks you have pointing to your site with a given keywords in anchor text within the link, the higher you will rank in the Google’s SERPs scale for that keyword.

This is one of the reasons why the text link ad prices are going higher, but the PageRank is not the only reason that makes the difference in the price of the text link, there are other factors that have impact on the price such as the traffic of the website, where the link will be placed and how much exposure your link will have.

But how much will it cost you to get enough backlinks for your web site to start scaling the Google’s search engine results pages, and the most important question, Is SEO all about backlinks? No of course, seo is more expanded than what you might think and a more complex that you might imagine. Just like the SERPs also SEO Optimization has the scales from which you have to start climbing. Thats why i had previously started the SEO tutorials with the building your website thinking SEO, in that article i mentioned about what are the important parts of on-site search engine optimization.

But lets have a close lookup at how important the backlinks are for SEO. Back in 2004 during the U.S. Presidential Election a group of webmasters started to link back to G. W. Bush’s White House biography with anchor text “Miserable Failure” which brought G. W. Bush’s biography page as #1 in the SERPs of Google for the term “Miserable Failure”, here is a screenshot.

Google Link Bomb - Misrable Failure Later on, Google removed these results and stated the end of the link bombing, sounds like Google did put end on the power of link bombing but we yet have a picture of powerful backlinks are in search engine optimization.

I said sounds like because it is not really over. I end up on a nice read on where he found that the link bombing still works, even unintentionally.

The keyphrase Open Source Web Design has around 350 million results and the number 1 in the SERPs of google is for that keyphrase. Nothing wrong so far since the first page results is very relevant. But once we pass on the second page of the SERPs we will notice a similar website to, well similar by the letters of the domain but also the content. The second result of the second page of the SERPs is a website (Outdoor Women of South Dakota), hah what that has to do with Open Source Web Design?

Well nothing honestly, just that some webmasters instead of linking to with the anchor text Open Source Web Design they made a typo on the domain and linked instead on

Apparently the link bombing is not over and the power and the importance of anchor text linking in SEO is still strong.

P.S. This is my 100th Post … Yay

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11 Responses to “SEO and BackLinks Power”
  1. Adam Dempsey says:

    Congrats in 100 posts!

  2. Thank you Adam 😉 together with the 100th post came also two spam comments. Seems like it is time for askimet to be activated since those annoying bots passed the math spam protection.

  3. PHP eBook says:

    I’m just getting started with SEO – If your client wants to get a page ranked higher, but they aren’t willing to ask their clients for backlinks, what are some other options for building links?

  4. Hello,
    I am not aware of what kind of clients are you referring to, in any case, if it is the php eBook you are referring to then the eBook might very well work as linkbait. If the readers of your book like the content they will most like be willing to link to your site.

    You could also try with article marketing, directory submission (not much effect, with exception of some valuable directories such as V7N Directory), commenting on blogs related to your niche as you are doing here (you got a backlink as top commentator), or simply you might want to purchase text link ads from relevant sites etc.

    Actually you just gave me an idea to write a new post about how to gain backlinks.

  5. Hi Astrit, Thanks for the info. I seem to manage ok getting relevant links. And Yahoo like them, but none of them ever seem to matter to Google. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  6. Hi Catherine,
    Nice to see you back again here. Are you referring to the matter that Google will not display the links you gain when you query backlinks for your site with the link: command or you are referring about the effect that those links give to your site in the Google SERPs.

    Actually i can’t say more without knowing more, but i would be glad to take a look into your site if you want (won’t be around till friday). If you care drop me an email at webmaster at dnseo dot net and give me the more informations you can in regard to the backlinks (such as the site URL, the anchor text used in the link and what keyword you are willing to target, also in few words explain in the email what do you mean with “the links seem not to matter to Google”. I will be happy to take a look at it.

    Kind regards 😉

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  10. seoalligator says:

    very interesting – thanks for the valuable information – will go to your blog now more)

  11. Tyler says:

    I have a website where i sell custom decals, banners and bumper stickers I am trying to grow my backlinks. Is there an automated way to do it?