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You are most likely ready to start with private advertise selling in your website as you have reached some crucial start-points to it. You now have enough traffic at your blog, your RSS readers number is high enough, your PageRank is decent even tho it doesn’t play the big role anymore, your alexa ranking is very low, its your perfect timing to start selling advertisement spots privately…but you lack in time and managing privately all advertisement spots is time consuming…what now? Is your money making dream over?

Definitively no, you have heard even before about this plugin called OIOPublisher, which is a all in one system to manage all your advertising campaigns in your blog, it is like a billing system for bloggers that want to sell advertisement in their blog and it has already integrated PayPal payment within and it costs only $37 USD. And if you can’t cover back that money the first money you are starting to sell advertisement in your blog then most likely it is not the time to start selling private advertisement.

Coupon Code

Looks like the folks at OIOPublisher are just willing to ruin their selves (or simply are smart enough, but lets keep that in another post) and just sent me 2 personal coupon codes which I am willing to share with you folks. Here are the coupon codes

  • $5 off code: QWERTY-5 (expires 30 days from now)
  • $17 off code: QWERTY-17 (expires 15 days from now)

With the first coupon code you get $5 discount, and can have OIOPublisher plugin for $32 instead of $37. With the second coupon you can have the plugin for only $20 instead of $37.

I am not sure if this is a one time coupon or it can be used several times as it was not specified in the email, but in either case money makers you better hurry and buy it now as I doubt they will ever go lower then this since they are charging now for the plugin.

Hope this turns useful for many to get started with making money online through their blog. I am even using the plugin on my PSD to xHTML coding services website for my coding services as billing system.

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