SEO and Grammatically Correct Spelling

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On digital point forums I read another thread named “Google cares about grammatically correct spelling”, even tho that might sound reasonable and make sense I would not agree. People concentrate on Google more then what they should concentrate for their users.

Think about it this way, do you have a blog if you don’t have readers reading the blog? Doubt so, same applies for search engines, as long as they have the userbase that perform a search query then there will be search engines. Search engines have sophisticated algorithm which spell check (happened ever that you perform a search for a term, and you get the Did you mean term ?), but that is not related on their SERPs as well.

Ranking on the SERPs is determined by two things, keywords and votes. If you optimize your page or website for a misspelled keyword you will rank for the misspelled keyword (what makes you think that search engine developers should waste their time fixing your mistakes?), and if you optimize your page or site for grammatically correct spelled keywords you will rank for those keywords. The difference will be that, the grammatically correct spelled keyword will most likely drive more traffic (if ranked well) than the misspelled keyword (assuming that users of that search engine do perform search queries and writing the keywords grammatically correct).

Said this, as far as it regards search engine optimizaiton (SEO) you should take the short road, and thats think how would the users perform a search query, rather than how would search engines rank your site for those given keywords. Ranking can be obtained for one or another keyword, but finding the right keyword variation that will drive traffic to your site is what you should know about.

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