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Recently i have been frequently visiting and reading the make money online blog of John Chow dot com, there are plenty useful informations, innovation tips (if you can read him between the lines) and great new ideas float all over the blog starting from his posts up to his visitor comments.

Double your online revenue

John Chow used a 300×250 AdSense square ad in the post floated which was bringing him a steady revenue between $600-1300 (maximum) U.S. dollars monthly. Apparently he was not satisfied with that revenue even tho many make money online bloggers have that goal to earn $1000 U.S. dollars a month collectively and not just from one income source, and he was right not be satisfied. The Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com blog makes more than $10k U.S. dollars a month collectively by using different sources of income, AdSense ads, Kontera, Text Link Ads, ReviewMe reviews, private link sales and private review sales, which is a excellent monthly income for many of us, but not for John.

I have mentioned John Chow on SEO Optimization several times as one of the high caliber guys that does make money online from his blog. John has several times mentioned and posted articles about experimenting your experience with different resources for making a decent income and check which ones perform best for you and push that source to the maximum income. He did the same with Google AdSense ads, and pushed the ads to the maximum of the revenue that AdSense could bring from his blog, it was not enough. But let me explain first why he wants to push income revenue to the maximum, just few words about his blog.

John Chow started his blog with one purpose only, experiment. What kind of experiment? He wanted to see how much money online one can make just by blogging, so it is more than normal why a certain amount of income is not enough for John.

What experiments did John Chow do on his blog?

Apart the fact that he experimented several resources of revenue and proved that using more revenue resources will bring you a decent income. I say he proved that, because many say that the best way to monetize your blog or website is to have several resources of income, starting from PPC ads like AdSense, affiliates etc.

With AdSense google felt he reached the top of the earnings he can make monthly so he decided to remove that 300×250 Google AdSense ad and posted about the sale of the 300×250 spot to a private advertiser for $1000 instead of the $600-1000 he was making (not always he would reach the $1000). The post was successful and within a hour John Chow receives an email from an “advertiser” for the purchase the ad, shortly it was followed by the acquisition of the ad from BidVertiser, another PPC program similar to AdSense.

I will explain now why i placed advertiser in quote marks, the guy who bought the ad spot was not an advertiser, he was just an Ad Flipper that saw a great opportunity and grabbed this opportunity on the go than post the ad spot on sale for $1500, he managed to sell the ad for $1400 ($400 U.S. dollars of profit) and received 1000 unique visitors from John Chow dot com website where he had the ad. The ad flippers name is Ryan Stewart of, which than sold the Ad space to Shazilla Nizam of

Within the first day that Shazilla bought the ad she received 7 orders which made her earn $3500 U.S. dollars.

And now John reevaluates the cost of that ad spot he sold for only $1000 and he writes a post which i would define The state of art in writing a post, but the true title of the post Are You Getting Maximum Dollar For Your Ad Space? where he really explains in a clean and detailed post and makes you really think, Are you getting the maximum dollar for your ad space?

I highly recommend you to have a read on that post, it is worth the time. Simply it is a incredible post.

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3 Responses to “The State of Art in Writing a Post – John Chow”
  1. cooliojones says:

    I saw this and thought it was cool. John really rose quickly and I just was motivated again to do the same thing. It’s a lil harder for us because he’s been in the computer game since the 90’s, so his stuff was a lot easier to implement because he had experience.

    I have an interview with him coming up soon.

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    Be the man, stop working for him.

  2. WizCoder says:

    The ad flipper shows that you can easily make money online.