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Make Money Online | April 12th, 2008 | 2 Comments

One of the so many metrics to value a website or to give a justification to your advertising prices is Alexa Rankings, along with PageRank, Technorati Ranking etc. You have most probably seen websites posting their alexa ranking on their advertise here pages and you have since then wondered how to increase the alexa ranking no?

Well there is no formula how to improve alexa ranking for your site, but before you even think about improving it you should really realize what Alexa is and what it does? If you have the answer of that question you already have the solution in your hands. To put it plain and simple the alexa rank graph rates a site based on their traffic. The sites are being rated from 1 to 4.000.000 where the 4.000.000 ranked site is mainly new ones (read low traffic) and the 1 ranked one is the site that has most visits among all the websites.

If you have landed on this page through search engines then there are two reasons why you are here

  1. You are really interested to learn more about alexa
  2. You know people give value to alexa ranking and you want to raise that credential of your site (or spoof it just a little tinny bit)

Whatever the reason might be it is still good to increase more and more credentials of your website if you are planned to launch yourself into managing all the ads by your self, even companies like text link ads does give attention to alexa ranking as it is maybe the only public metric to have a picture of the traffic of a website.

Improve Alexa Ranking (The Legit Way)

So far we know that alexa ranking is based on the traffic your website receives. It won’t take long to explain how to improve your alexa ranking the legit way (and later on you will realize why I use the legit way when referring to this first option of improving alexa ranking). If a sites alexa ranking is based on traffic then it makes sense that the only way improve the ranking is to improve you website traffic, is it search engine optimization you will do, advertising or even use your free resources to drive healthy traffic to your site, it doesn’t matter the fact is that you need more traffic to your site.

Spoof Your Alexa Ranking

Many will argue with this subject (I remember me and Paul Barlow got known from with this topic) but the fact is that everything that is based on “presumption” metrics and does not have access to your website can be spoofed the way you want. But will it make sense to spoof your alexa ranking? I will leave that up to you.

Before I even proceed let me show you a screenshot of alexa ranking for two sites that I know well (i.e. that I have access to the traffic stats) to explain you that alexa ranking is not that accurate (and can be spoofed) for small-medium trafficked sites.

Alexa Ranking Proof

The graph above shows ranking metrics for and for both sites to which I do have access on their statistics and I know how much traffic each of the site gets. The graph shows that ranking is better, while website actually does have 2 times more traffic then, can I call this accurate stats?

Anyway lets get back to spoofing now. The ranking metrics are based on traffic, do they get data from users that have the alexa toolbar installed or through other resources it doesn’t matter. But I can tell you that refreshing (or rather visiting at least once a day) a website from a browser where you have alexa toolbar installed will help on this issue up to a certain point.

One other way to spoof the alexa ranking is to buy one of those yucky paid traffic campaigns which I would not recommend you get one for the next reasons

  • If you stop your paid traffic campaign the alexa ranking will increase
  • If you are using Google AdSense you will get in trouble as they have banned that type of traffic
  • The traffic looks more like bots and there is no benefit out of such traffic, you will be just wasting money

Before you even think to put in discussion what I have just wrote do your self a favor, if you have a website 4 months old (more or less) check your current alexa ranking then install the alexa toolbar and surf through your site for a week or so. If your ranking improves then do your self another favor, buy some of that paid traffic (At your own risk) and see after a month or so if the ranking has improved again? I have done this and I know what I am writing.

So the final question is, do you really want to spoof anything about your website and not even have a clue how much your site is really worth? How much your hard work is worth and how far you can push yourself with that site? Spoofing or cheating metrics for the sole reason of cheating a third person and sell him your site is what you really want? Well okey, subscribe to my RSS feed and read tomorrow what happened to a guy (now a friend of mine) that was doing the same thing.

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2 Responses to “How to improve Alexa Ranking”
  1. My Alexa rankings are nonsense.

    For example has a higher Alexa ranking from 60-100 uniques a day than many of my more popular websites. I think it’s down to the type of visitors, it attracts webmasters and the sort of people who have the Alexa toolbar installed.

    On the other hand a website like that gets over 1500 unique visitors a day is nowhere on Alexa.

    I’m not sure whether to use TLA, if for no other reason than how much relevance they give Alexa.

  2. Indeed Paul, the alexa ranking in many cases does not make sense at all I showed the graph you also proved with your own sites it is easily to misunderstand and trick alexa ranking.

    Text Link Ads does indeed rely some how on alexa ranking, or rather TLA relays on almost all public metrics they can get hands into to give a value to a site and hence to the links from that site. The good thing about TLA is that you can always negotiate with them, ask them questions and there is always someone ready to answer and listen. But the fact is that when a site that is approved gets listed on their inventory the data that are shown are PageRank and Alexa Ranking so even if you get approved with a high alexa ranking and a low pagerank it would be hard to get someone purchase link, but once they do…from a site with 1500 visitors a day I doubt that they won’t renew the ad inventory.