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Make Money Online | August 14th, 2007 | 3 Comments

If you are in the internet marketing business even as beginner you have most probably heard about Text Link Ads currently the biggest marketplace on text link sales. The good site of Text Link Ads is the marketplace, you get exposure to huge amount of visitors, and the bad side is they take 50% comission of each sale you make.

If you blog to make money online than you are most probably a little bit greedy, well here is the chance so you can have 100% of the money for the text link sales you make. Simon Emery of OIOpublisher direct has developed a WordPress plugin that you can install with few clicks in your WordPress blog and start selling text links. More than just a WordPress plugin Simon’s plugin can be defined as billing plugin for WordPress, this plugin is similar to the WordPress Text Ads Plugin developed by Alex Choo, but Simon’s plugin has more expanded features for the ad sellers, you can create recurring billing and decide the recurring length, you can sell text links in main page only, on a certain page that the advertiser choses or site wide. The plugin gives you the option to also sell posts directly from your site and set price different price if you have to write the post or if the advertiser writes the post. If you are afraid about the link sale penalization from Google no worries, the plugin allows you set rel=”nofollow” tag to the links you sell, it won’t share PR juice with your advertisers but you and your advertiser will be safe from Google’s penalization and yet your advertiser will have the benefit of the traffic you will send to his website.

OIOPublisher Direct WordPress plugin seems promising, and if you are a successful blogger and you would want to keep all the money of the sale you make and you don’t want to share comission on sales with another company this is the plugin for you. But even if you have a smaller blog with not so many visitors and you want more exposure to the public than you can signup and submit your site to OIOPublisher’s marketplace which at this moment is the weakest part of OIOPublisher Direct, but with a plugin like this I believe the marketplace will be filled with users within just few days.

Make more money with OIOPublisher

The affiliate part of OIOPublisher is something that you should take part as soon as possible. The marketplace as i said it is still empty, but I and other webmasters believe it will be filled. OIOPublisher’s affiliate program pays 20% of any marketplace listing purchase. And it is not one time only, you will earn 20% every time your referral makes a purchase from the marketplace or renews a purchase, this is could be a longer term earning stream for you.

OIOPublisher Direct gives you yet another opportunity to create a bill pay website that you always wanted to create. Run now at OIOPublisher Direct and learn more about the promotions, the marketplace, download the plugin and start working with it. I have already installed the plugin, you can notice on my right sidebar the Featured Sites and the Advertise here link, following the link you will have a livedemo of OIOPublisher WordPress plugin or if you want you can proceed to checkout and purchase for a link on SEO Optimization blog.

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  1. this new system is great it will definitely be a big hit once ioipublishers marketplace grows!

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