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If you are one of those guys/girls that has build a blog with the only purpose of making money online let me tell you, don’t read this post, just click X and sleep tight. You won’t have success, as long as you keep doing something with the only purpose of making money you will fail. If you have become a blogger because you like blogging, because you like talking about that topic and because you have knowledge on that topic but you would also like to make money online through that blog later on than welcome and enjoy reading.

Blogging is NOT a get rich quick solution, blogging is that one or two hours a day you have to share your love, your passion, your knowledge with the rest of the world. Blogging is that corner of your world where you can freely express your self and it can bring you much satisfaction and some bad moments too. Your blog is that same diary you used to keep under your bed when you were a teenager, just that, this time your diary is not under the bed and it is not locked, instead it is wide open where anyone can stiff his nose and read.

Few blogger tips

When you become 4+ months old active blogger you do see a change happening to you. Some of the bloggers get handy into this and they feel more confident with the public that is reading him/her and this inspires them to keep on going. Others instead might feel deloused of blogging because after 4 months that don’t have enough readers or because they start often to remain without a subject to write for. Well, let me try and help you out.

Don’t burn your brain cells just because you are out of topic today. If you keep thinking and thinking what you should be writing about it won’t help at all, it will actually confuse you even more, in those moments you will become like an old computer which has 5-6 heavy applications running that are sucking the resource of that old dawg of your PC. What I am trying to tell you is that the old computer after awhile will start to freeze and one day or another it will just stop working, this same thing it will happen with you. You will keep thinking about a subject to write about all the day, and all what you will do is get overloaded with thoughts and waste your time, and if you are lucky enough few minutes before you go to bed an idea will pop on your head.

What a coincidence, ha ? Right in that same moment when your brain gets prepared to relax the idea came. Thats what our brain needs, to relax and to be able to think straight, let your brain breath some of that oxygen which he needs. But how?

You are in front of the computer, already logged in your WordPress blog and have already hit the Write button. Watching your screen and thinking, what next…what title, what should I write about? Ok, if those are the questions you are asking yourself in that moment, hit the sign out button and shut down your computer. Go out, have a drink, have a walk in the park, do what in the hell you want to do, but DON’T think what you should write today. If you can, take a pen and a paper with you. While you will be enjoying the fresh air at the park, or having your drink an idea will arrive, take notes on the paper you brought with you. Write the subject, note some arguments about that subject and thats it, place your paper back in your pocket and enjoy the rest of your time.

Once your done with your relax it is time to get back home (in case you aren’t ;)), login again in your wordpress blog and hit the write button, take 2 seconds of your time and think about phrases that people would use to perform a search query in search engines for the subject you intend to write, think more options, write them down somewhere. I know, not all are webmasters and not everyone has the necessary knowledge of SEO optimization, but after all, using as title the same words a normal user would search for is actually SEO and it covers the title optimization part of your on page seo.

You have chosen the title of your subject and you are ready to write on, word after word, phrase after phrase you will complete the post for today. It often happens that while you write a new idea will come, a new subject to write about it will come (and to me it came while I was writing now). Where i come from people say, the stupid people try to remember, the smart ones take notes. As the idea has came, take notes, just write it down on another piece of paper. Even better if you have finished the post of the day, click again on the write button, do the same process you did on todays post for the new idea, pick a title…start writing and take advantage of the wordpress and timestamp option.

There you already have a post even for tomorrow and you just earned 30h to think for the next subject to write about. But what is more important in blogging is that you really, and i mean really have to blog about something you like and have knowledge of. Few bloggers that hang out here on SEO Optimization blog that I do really like (and I do read on daily basis) are few (even tho I don’t mention them often because we don’t share the same topics), and this is the right moment to mention them.

My first and favorite is Catherine Lawson (not because she is my top commentator) but if you just read few of her posts on her blog you will realize that she does really LOVE what she is doing with her blog. Another one is Paul Barlow a seo consultant which has some really good posts, and what I mostly like on his blog is that most of his posts are of his own experience another blogger I like is Lewis Empire. These are bloggers that I do like reading because I feel they do know what they are writing about, of course there are other bloggers I read but not the moment to mention them.

To those that don’t need advise

I am aware that there are a lot of successful bloggers and way much more experienced and hence I would like to read their advise (because I do need advices too) on blogging.

If you don’t feel like leaving a comment here with your advice, no problems, write it on your blog and just ping me so I can read your advice on your blog.

Also pass by tomorrow, I will write why a blogger should write on daily basis and what is the benefit of it.

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  1. Great post Astrit. And thanks for linking to me. I was surprised but delighted to read my name in this post.

    Great tips re: not trying to hard to think of what to write. It is so difficult to come up with something when you’re staring at a blank page.

    And it is so true that you have to love what you’re blogging about. Blogging is great for me, as people used to get annoyed with me for talking about business so much, but now I can write about it every day!

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