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I have notice a huge amount of requests on seo optimization for WordPress blog on webmaster forums as well as on my stats.

This is not the first time i write on how to best seo optimize your wordpress blog, back in the days I wrote about how to prevent duplicate content with wordpress blog hack, than followed with the SEO title hack for WordPress and the last was about the new wordpress plugins on my blog. If you did payed enough attention you have notice that these were not only casual posts or show offs, reading those posts collectively one by one you will realize that the combination of the plugins will improve insite seo of your wordpress blog. Lets see how would all the three posts look inside a one single post with some update and more informations.

Plugins and hacks to SEO optimize our WordPress blog

1). Preventing duplicate content.
As mentioned on the preventing duplicate content with wordpress post, when you use wordpress you will get duplicate content several times within your blog (and lets not count is some one copies your content and publishes it). Just one single post will be repeated several times and shown in several pages within your blog, lets count the pages together, 1 main page, 2 post page, 3 category page, 4 in the archives page… now thats already too much. We can cut the number down to 2 pages to have the identical content which would be the main page and the post page by using this lovely hack. You can find the code and instruction how to use this hack on the Prevent duplicate content in WordPress post.

2). SEO title hack for WordPress
By default the title of your blog would look like “Blog Name » Blog Description” in the home page. While in a post page it would look “Blog Name » Blog post title”. Title of a page and of a site in general is extremely important in SEO and a title like the default one is not the best for our blog. What do we need to do to have a better seo title? We need to realign how the title of the blog is displayed, usually we use keywords on the description of the blog more often than in the blog name (in any case we can align this by our need). Using the SEO title hack for wordpress we can easily re-align the title of our blog and make it more SE friendly by placing the name of the blog and the description on the main page (ex: Blog name – Blog Description) and using the title of the post in first place and than the blog name and following by blog description for the blog post pages (ex: Title of blog post – Blog Name – Blog Description).

3). All in one seo pack plugin
This plugin will give you the power to write own description for each post you will write. It will also allow you to change the title of the post and use keyword rich title instead of using the title of the post. You can download all in one seo pack plugin for free.

4). Nofollow for comments RSS
I personally would not want the RSS of my comments to be indexed by search engines, there for i would use this lovely hack that prevents RSS comments to be indexed by the search engines.

Open your feed.php file of the wordpress doc. located at /wp-includes/feed.php and on line 94 you will need to add the next rel=’nofollow,noindex’

92 function comments_rss_link($link_text = ‘Comments RSS’, $commentsrssfilename
93 $url = comments_rss($commentsrssfilename);
94 echo “<a rel=’nofollow,noindex’ href=’$url’>$link_text</a>”;
95 }

5). Using the related posts for deep insite linking
This is one of the plugins i use in my blog. This plugin will create related posts links that will get deep insite linking.

These basic plugins and hacks will definitively improve and seo optimize your wordpress blog.

If you know any plugin that is missing from this list or a wordpress hack please let us know by commenting to this post.

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5 Responses to “WordPress SEO Optimization”
  1. mike says:

    thank you very much , really great

  2. Roy Malibu says:

    I’m not sure I follow why you would not want the comments indexed. Don’t comments work like free content…content with keywords…that you don’t have to write…that still count for your page??

    Am I missing something?

  3. If you notice, the article refers on noindexing the comments RSS and not the comments itself within the post page.

  4. Great points! I think wordpress has done some great things to reduce duplicate content, but this is something you must watch out for. I would not want RSS of comments either personally, but people that comment a lot would. 🙂

  5. nadja007 says:

    Yes. I agree. I think wordpress are doing their best to make sure the articles will not me duplicate but there are so many ways for the visitor of the article can copied the content of it.