My 24th Birthday Present

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Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me…happy birthday dear —-rewind—–, Hold on a second over there. Isn’t the tradition that someone else signs Happy Birthday to me?

(the guest post can start singing here..I am waiting for the guest post, are you here?)

My Present(s)

My First Present
Well i got no clue what am I going to get as present from my GF :/ ..but yet, its better to be as suprise (a good one i hope).

My Second Present
Thursday i found out that SEO Optimization is on the first 5 pages of the Google SERPs for the term SEO Optimization. I am right under SEObook’s landing page and SEOmoz’s main page (watch out guys, i am coming :P). Tho the keyword is not that competitive it is a good present for me, especially because i have not done much to optimize my blog for that keyword. I have just few backlinks with SEO Optimization anchor text pointing to my site and 95% of them are comments on some blogs that use the nofollow tag (and some have the dofollow plugin installed).

All what i have done is in-site optimization and i am already on the first 50 results (not a good position but..) and I still have few cards on my hands with which i can play to get higher. Will keep you updated.

P.S. Good thing i did not mention my age on the about page so i don’t have to update it every year. Anyway, i am turning 24 this Sunday August 26th (I’m a Viiiirgin..err Virgo).

P.P.S. I won’t be online 25th and 26nd August so i am writing this post today, Friday 24th, but managed to get the post published Sunday 26th August thanks to WordPress and Timestamp.

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