Articles you have missed till 04-13-2008

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I had left behind hands the articles you have missed reading series since the day when I had problems with the server. Well its about time I start with the series once again, after all if it works why change it?

The good thing about articles you have missed reading is that visitors that don’t read the blog regularly and finally have some free time on Sundays can read the blog post with the list of the previous articles instead of surfing on the secondary pages (even tho it would be smarter to subscribe to my full RSS feed and be able to read the latest 10 articles), the second reason is that Sunday for this blog has been the weakest traffic wise day. While the third reason is seo wise, having a articles you have missed series increases the number of backlinks the previous posts have and as this page will age the links will be of more value.

The Latest 5 Articles

Get Help, Hire Personal

Asking for help from friends, relatives or guest bloggers is an excellent way to fill those empty spaces that you can’t manage to do by yourself. Another way to fill this empty space if you are in lack of friends that can blog for you, or guest bloggers is to hire professional article writers.

Last Chance for Kontera

This post came out when I was sick and tired to see dictionary website advertising on specific keywords, after several times of emails and confirmations that the advertiser has been blocked I still keep seeing that advertiser covering specific and seo related keywords with a dictionary website. After the post another flood of several emails has been exchanged and I was notified that this dictionary website is being served as “keyword filler” when there is lack of advertiser to cover those keywords. Now I would want to ask a favor from my readers (mostly those US based, but the others as well), do you see covering keywords on this blog?

Contest Time Doors Open

I was never a big fan of contests, but I find contests great for entertainment and marketing wise where people compete for free price giveaways, the competition might be different depending from the contest runner, some make so you collect points (more entertaining) some others ask for RSS subscription (thing I would rather stay far from) and third ask for blogging about the contest or the blog where the contest is running. The giveaway prices on this blog are the next

  • 1 month free 125×125 advertisement
  • 1 blog review from seo point of view
  • 1000 free entrecard credits

To know more how to win one of the three prices read the rule on the contest page.

Improve Alexa Ranking

One of the metrics that is being considered when considering to advertise to a website is the Alexa Ranking. Alexa ranking is a public metric (meaning everyone can have access to) which determines (not accurately) the traffic a website has and ranks websites based on the traffic. The only way to improve your alexa ranking is to improve the traffic to your website and there are two ways to do it, the legit one and …spoofing a bit your website by paying traffic to your site. But if you ask me, I am telling you to rather concentrate on how to improve your traffic rather the how to spoof the alexa ranking.

Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoyed.

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2 Responses to “Articles you have missed till 04-13-2008”
  1. Jagdu says:

    I was hoping for articles on OTHER sites that I might have missed….

  2. Thats an idea too Jagdu, it would work out just great for the saturdays fill-up no? 😉

    Thanks for the idea.