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Internet Marketing Tips | September 8th, 2007 | 1 Comment

There are few images (designs) that are recognizable throughout the world such as the Coca Cola brand or the McDonald’s brand. Have you ever thought how powerful their brand is?

Lets imagine we are on the streets and in a corner it spots out a red background with two curved white lines, without even being able to see anything more, what would you guess, who’s brand is right after the corner?

Or lets imagine we do see just the very right leg of the letter M with the ® sign right next to it, what would we think about? It has also be proven that kids between 2-4 years old do recognize the McDonald’s sign as McDonald before they even recognize it as the letter M.

Thats how powerful the branding is. But to build a brand that people will recognize it in the way they recognize the Coca-Cola brand or the McDonald’s brand is almost impossible. The Coca-Cola has invested billions and billions (and still does) in advertising. A whole wall covered with the Coca-Cola brand or other huge advertising we have seen in our town.

After the new design i decided that there was another piece of the SEO Optimization blog that does need a retouch and a more refreshing and remarkable look, my logo. I decided that my old logo did not had that remarkable or refreshing look and mostly, it did not match the overall look of the layout. This is how my old logo looks:

The Old SEO Optimization Logo

The look seems to be poor, and it totally stands out with the new design of the SEO Optimization blog. And i bet you do agree with me. But in case you will still prefer the new logo i might end up placing back the old one, but lets give a look to the new logo (the one thats on the top right corner).

SEO Optimization Logo

This is the new logo, it is nothing special, nor is something really professional. It is just a new logo that I do find to suit better with the new layout and that has a more refreshing look, it is also more remarkable. Do you think that logo will help me to enter in your brain and when you will think about SEO Optimization the next thing that will follow that thought would be the URL of SEO Optimization blog – ? Just not to confuse you, to build a trustworthy brand is not all just about making a new logo, it takes much more effort and investment, but making a logo that will be printed in your memory is the first step into building a brand.

Let me know what you think..compliments are appreciated, critiques are even more appreciated ;). Tho if you have an idea of a logo for SEO Optimization or can design a logo for SEO Optimization feel free to design one.

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