Got Banners plugin to Randomize Banners

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If you have a WordPress blog and you are already monetizing your web blog by selling banner ads that are positioned something like the banners of Text Link Ads, WEBCeo, V7 Directory and SEOBook that I have on the right sidebar than this is the plugin that does for you and your advertisers.

If you use a heat map to check which ads are most clicked you will notice that the ads that are first to be seen are the most clicked. To keep all your advertisers satisfied and have them as returning customers you want their ads to perform in the best way possible. With the GotBanners WordPress Plugin you can manage that your advertisers taste equaly the juice of your traffic and continue to advertise with you.

The Got Banners plugin

The plugin will randomly replace the position of the banners listed within the plugin and make sure that all banners end up to be at the top. It will replace the position of the banners each time a new visitors enters in your website or inner page or simply refreshes the site and get your advertisers the maximum of exposure in your site.

The installation of the plugin is as simple as with other WordPress plugins, to learn more go to Got Banners plugin page and learn how you can give your advertisers the maximum exposure and continue to make money online with your website.

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