Building Backlinks Tip 6: Social Media

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On my previous (and fifth) building backlinks tip I was thinking to merge two tips in one post, but than ended up writing only about linkbait to build backlinks. What I forgot tho is to update the title and the post slug (i.e. the posts URL), today I changed the title from Building Backlinks Tip 5/6 to Building Backlinks Tip 5 only, but thought that the URL of the post can remain as it is.

Today i decided to share tip 6 on building backlinks through social media and social bookmarking sites. To build a successful backlink building campaign through social media or social bookmarking site you definitively need to have ONE thing, the art on writing. You can have hundreds of friends to vote your article on social media sites, thousands to add you on social bookmarking site but the benefits (other than traffic) will be some to none if your article doesn’t bring something new to the readers or it is well written and pleasant to read. What people like is great articles, news, tips, and those articles have to be pleasant and easy to read.

Social Media Sites

The most popular social media site currently is Digg and ending up at the front page of Digg with your site can easily drive 10000+ and I got no doubt you can reach 70000 of unique visitors that read your story. This is a huge heap of traffic that most of the time web sites on shared web hosting are not able to handle and servers crash or simply your account runs out of bandwidth pretty quickly.

Lets presume that you receive 10000 unique visitors from Digg and only 0.1% of those 10000 readers like your post and are willing to link back to your site, that would be 10 backlinks to your story in a question of seconds. I intentionaly took a low % of backlinks you would get to your story, but lets face the truth, a story that ends up on the first page of Digg is most likely worth reading and as minimum you will receive backlinks in proportion of 1% of unique visitors Digg will send to you, thats a healthy 100 backlinks (yes I like to make calculation to the minimum possible and to get later surprised).

The latest story I wrote that got featured on Aaron Walls homepage was digged by some users, stumbled by others and sphinned by thirds, in a combination the site received a decent amount of backlinks and all thanks to social media sites (and Aaron Wall).

What a dream, no? Well, it can become realty, but if you lack in art on writing posts (something like me) it will most probably remain just a dream, until one day your day is about to come.

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