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Open topic | November 21st, 2007 | 2 Comments

Thats right, DNseo.net is open for guest bloggers. Since I don’t have the time to control also the email of SEO Optimization I thought it would be a solution to write this post for those that maybe would like to guest blog on this seo blog as long as they have an article that fits in any of the 5 categories (seo tutorials, google search engine, search engines, marketing and advertising and make money online).

I am giving this opportunity to two bloggers posts a week only that would like to share their thoughts or tips as long as the article fits in one of the above 5 named categories. Guest blogging on other blogs is a great move to get known among more and more people online and share your thoughts with them, but lets look a bit closer as of what are the other benefits you’ll have as guest blogger.

  • Get known among the others
  • Create friendship with other bloggers
  • Gain backlinks to your site

If you think you (and I have two of you in mind) can give your contribute on DNseo and would want to make new friends that please make your request on this thread as I don’t have a contact page (yet) created. All webmasters are welcome, make sure to leave your comment and I will reach you via email (use a email you read please).

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2 Responses to “DNseo.net Open for Guest Bloggers”
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