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This is a continue of the series you can’t satisfy everyone at once and the three points that can keep things rolling and keep everyone, even your self, satisfied. The previous point was to schedule your work and your free time and find the flexible points of your schedule to gain some time and get prepared for the unpredictable issues.

Today I would like to discuss the second point, hiring personal or asking for help in order to manage that everything works out smoothly and everyone, even yourself, is satisfied.

Get Some Help From Friends

When everything gets busy the best thing you could do is ask for help from friends which could be able to give you a hand. Unfortunately my friends are all coding oriented and no one is into seo, blogging or similar things. In either case my attempt to get some help from people that can help me, or would want to get some self promotion was by opening the doors for guest bloggers. It is worthless to say that welcoming was not that welcoming since only Paul Barlow which blogs at the make money online.

Even if the response is not going to be what you expected in the very first month or two, don’t give up and keep the doors open even a single guest blogger can save help you in the right moment.

Hiring Personal

The second way to get your self some free time (or rather, to buy yourself some free time) is to hire someone that can blog two or three times a week for you blog. The cost of hiring a blogger to blog 2-3 times a week should not be expensive as it does not excessed even 15 articles a month. Lets take for example a professional copywriting services company which has guest blogged once here at with the 3 R’s of Successful Advertising. From their pricing list I can calculate that they charge $0.06 per word for an article of 600 words, thats roughly $36 per article (and ordering a bulk of articles you can most likely negotiate the price). At this price you get like 8-12 days of free time for roughly $400 a month.

These are just one of the options you could get help or buy your self some free time and keep everything rolling smoothly just as always. But if the blog you want to keep alive is not pulling at least the money to pay the writer, I doubt it makes sense hiring one.

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2 Responses to “Get Help, Hire Personal”
  1. Tina says:


    Thanks for the insightful post and for mentioning Copywriting 911 as a company to turn to! 🙂

    Hiring freelancers to help with your website management really pays back: sometimes you just can’t afford to learn from your own mistakes, and need things done properly straight on.

    This is true with SEO, copywriting (especially sales letter copywriting), site design, and marketing campaign management in general. You could be wasting lots of your time [read: money] by experimenting with techniques which have proven ineffective long ago.

    An added benefit here is that by hiring someone you might be getting a fresh perspective on your business, which could be exactly what you lacked to rock the web.

    But the main thing is the price of the question. Know your risks and potential profits – and make your decisions accordingly!

  2. Hey Tina,
    Thanks for passing by and leaving your insightful comment (well, it is your job after all). Those are some really good points you highlighted there.