Slowing Down

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I was taught and used to be the lord of my own life and decide if one thing should happen or not. I was used to predict everything and have a second plan for every single day of my life. But the fact that our life is being influenced by many other external things is what I had forgot about, but life makes sure to remind you that you are no lord and you don’t really have control of your life (unless you decide to leave out of a society like the animals, without any rules).

This last time that life takes over the control over me, and guides me to where it wants, makes so that I have to slow down with blog posting if I want to keep up with my other business. It is not the time that I will be short in, it is the stress that will make sure I remain watching the white blank wall and thinking out for a solution in my real life, rather than thinking what should I write about the next day.

In similar situation I would have preferred to shut down my brain, let it relax and than think of a solution but thats not my case this time as the solution should be found within 28th of December and as if that was not enough, my gf’s birthday is on 27th December, yet another situation to handle, to act like life is going to smoothely and make sure that she has the birthday she deserves, a beautiful and happy one.

Even tho I don’t have to, I am apologizing that I can’t follow up with new posts at least until everything gets resolved and some of my brain cells become available to keep up with the posts. Whoever feels like he/she can help me out to keep up with the blog at least until I get some more free time (and with helping me out I intend, to guest blog from time to time) just contact me now, your help will be appreciated.

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