Glitch or Perfectly Faked PR ?

Google search engine | January 13th, 2008 | 5 Comments

Ok this surprised me when I saw on the forums (and it is 3 threads long), a website has gained PR10 and even the owner of the website is kinda shocked about all this as he is not aware what in the heck is happening.

One thing is for sure, thats not his real Page Rank because:

  • Emm, owner of the forum is shocked? – which means he is not aware of all this and how come it has happened, and means he has never gained that much link. Think about it, has PR10 while has PR9
  • Searching for the site on Google shows 2 pages (ok let me correct myself, those are two different sites resulting as inner page or that contain the full sites URL (but they don’t))
  • It shows the site has nearly 5 million backlinks (and the owner is shocked remember? which means he has never built that much links, nor the site is aged long enough and been active to obtain that much backlinks from sites like or

So whats going on?

Well nothing, or the owner is trying a linkbait attempt (since all pagerank lookup tools show it as fake PR10) or there is a glitch in the PageRank toolbar exporter.

How could this be done?

It is simple, if you have a domain name and you have it redirected to a high PR website before and during the PageRank update, when the PR will be exported it will most likely assign PR to the “redirecting” domain, or rather it will mirror to the redirected domain the PageRank which is assigned to the real website. In simple words, yours is going to be just a fake PageRank and not a valid one.

Well if this is linkbait, than I would say this is a honest guy no? Because a dishonest guy would rush and sell PR10 links for a good price and make some quick bucks before Google does detects this and assigns the real PageRank to the site and not mirroring a different PageRank.

Bottom line, not smart to do this, you might be even penalized and/or removed from Google’s index. Instead, be smart and subscribe to my RSS feed ;).

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5 Responses to “Glitch or Perfectly Faked PR ?”
  1. Interesting info… thanks for sharing.

  2. I think its a very clever but very risky link bait. Loads of SEO’s all over the place will want to talk about this and probabbly link to the site, without realising it they will have notched up a shed load of natural links. Very clever. But if they do bang loads of links on there then they will get the penalty from big G. 🙂

  3. CatherineL says:

    That is interesting Astrit. Do you think there could be others out there who are faking their Page Rank?

  4. Well it was a more common that people would fake their PR before, now it is a bit harder, and it is not even worth (heavy penalizations and stuff) but definitively there are other people doing that, even tho it is not hard to find that out. Even a simple PR checking tool can detect.

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