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Make Money Online | November 14th, 2007 | 5 Comments

This morning when I turned on my computer and after checking the emails I ventured to read some of my favorite blogs. For some reason I don’t read ProBlogger but hence I do read John Chow and I found out that ProBlogger has broken his NDA and posted about the new adsense ad units look.

Seems like Google AdSense team has intention to change the look of the AdSense ad units with the only intention to decrease the accidental clicks, here is a quoted part of what Google said

We’re rolling out a change to our text ad formats to help reduce accidental clicks and increase value for advertisers…..This new format will match the changes we’ve implemented on to help decrease the number of accidental clicks and increase the number of ad conversions. A reduction in accidental clicks will keep users on your pages, interacting with your content until they choose to click on an ad. This change will enhance the user’s overall experience with your websites and improve advertiser campaign value, but it’s likely that your click-through rate will decrease.

The new Ad Units vs old Ad Units

AdSense Click Zone
Image courtesy of ProBlogger

Even tho Google AdSense Team’s reason for these new look of the ad units called Click Zone is to prevent accidental clicks for many bloggers this means that the ads will be less clickable, but what worries me is that they might be right.

As you can see on the preview image the title of the ads has a background block which does definitively make the ads uglier and makes the AdSense Team’s advice to blend ads with your layout count 0. It would be hell difficult to make the ads blend with your layout with these new ads, unless there is a new option to remove that background off of the title of the ads. Usually people that are not found of AdSense ads do click the ads on the height of the title so I doubt these new “Only Title Clickable” ads will decrease the accidental click or it will provide better and more quality clicks.

If the old ads could be clicked in a whole block where the ad is positioned (i.e. title content or url) the new ads will be clickable on the Title of the ad or in the URL only, which makes the probabilities of the click to be lower, even tho who’s intention is to click on those ads will anyway find a way (usually different color text or bolder text call’s a click).

But I wonder the same that John Chow was wondering, how would the new ad units perform for ad publishers? I know it won’t take long to figure out as people might complain or even anyone else would be happy to report such things, but what do you think about these new ads? Do you think it will have any effect in your earnings or you might possibly think it will increase the earnings. One thing tho is for sure for me, it will make ads uglier and without the possibility to blend the ads with your layout, unless you want to blend your layout with their ads (huh).

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5 Responses to “New AdSense Ad Units Look”
  1. I think those images are for illustartion only, they are not actually going to mark an area on your ads. The ads will look exactly the same just with less clickable area. My guess is short term bad for everybody, long term very bad for MFA sites.

  2. Umh Paul, you are right on this one. The background is just to mark the clickable parts (now I should write a post about: Why you should publish posts when there are just 30 minutes since you waked up).

    I am really curious to see if the click thru rate will decrease.

  3. I’ve done some browsing and it looks like about 1 in 3 ads are already using the new standard. My Adsense CTR hasn’t budged though (touch wood, fingers crossed)

  4. I just notice one site of mine is using the new standard. It is still early to tell tho, most of the clicks I get are during the night but we’ll see.

    I believe it won’t influence the CTR as users usually click on bolder text and different color texts, but lets wait and see. (crosses fingers too)

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