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Hello to everyone,
This night i decided to share my knowledge from previous experience regarding this topic. It is very true, non internet related topics for increasing the dollars in your AdSense account. Why? Well, we are going to discuss exactly that question on this post.

In the past, I have created other web sites with the only intentions to earn some dollars from AdSense for paying my bills. With some research and i found the content for which the PPC (Pay Per Click) was higher, i.e. ads on which content would bring me more dollars once they get clicked, and of course, do I have at least some knowledge regarding that content, since we know that being able to write a unique content is very important for Search Engine Optimizing purpose in order to receive better traffic from search engine’s. My research ended once i found out the payout for keywords “Domain Name” or “Web Hosting”, so I said, okey, that’s it…i am in. I have the knowledge over both of those fields and i am able to write my own content.
I designed a nice Web 2.0 style layout, clean, easy navigable and eye relaxing, started and developed some content, placed the adsense ads as best possible and started marketing the web site. The first month, while the site was still new and i was still developing the content and not promoting the web site, the site was receiving around 200 unique hits monthly, now…this same site, after the promotion receives 200 unique hits daily even tho i stopped promoting the site but yet, the click rate on the ads is low, and the ads are strategically placed so that can be visible to the visitor, but yet the click rate is low. This question was bothering me for a long time, it made me have loads of doubts about the AdSense ads placement, the quality of the traffic, i started monitoring the site daily and i also notice that the rate of the returning visitors was high too, so there is a healthy traffic, but yet the click rate was low…heh, and my doubts in meanwhile were growing.

Until one day i received a request for a mini site developing, the purpose of developing this site was the same as of my previous site, yes, that same one that was bothering me so long for the click rate, that same site that made me have doubts on how effective the google adsense ads is. This new web developing project for me was okey, it would of just raise my online budged. The site was music related and the clients requests were not much, just few sites, with tableless XHTML/CSS coding and writing some music articles or news about musician artists and getting the web site indexed in the major search engines. So i accepted this project, even tho i was curious to know how adsense would work for him, so we agreed that he would report me from time to time about the clicks and the PPC rate he would receive on that site. After a month that the project was finished, and the site was already indexed on the same search engines he wanted the site to get indexed i started monitoring his web site too. His organic search engine results were improved, and he was receiving much more hits from search engines that he was receiving before, and his web site was receiving something more then 100 unique hits and he was receiving 2-3 clicks daily on the adsense ads. It was making me wonder, the ads were placed the same way as on my site, strategically placed to be visible to the visitors, and yet, he was receiving more clicks then me. It made me really thing hard regarding this, my site, tech related, so tech related web site are frequented by tech guys, and tech guys know about the google adsense ads..and usually we, the techy guys kinda hate to click on those same ads that we have placed in our same site…don’t ask me why, i have no clue, but we just avoid clicking them even tho the ad seems to intrigue us. My clients site, music related, music related site’s frequented by music fans (not necessary these same visitors should be non-technological) but face the fact, the major part would be, or at least, the percentage of the non technological visitors would be higher to a music related site instead of to a technologically related site. And the non technologically related visitors don’t mind the ads, actually, they do find those same ads interesting for them and tend more to click on the ads if that ad is interesting to them and that’s a fact.

After this, i started to interview fellows of mine, guys that have tech-internet related web sites with adsense ads, and fellows that have non tech-internet related sites. My friends that had web sites with other then internet related content and had google AdSense ads placed on, were receiving way much more clicks on the ads then those that had internet / web hosting orother tech related sites.

It is also true that ads about web hosting pay more then ads about lyrics sites, but, on that same lyrics site you will receive more clicks on the ads, and there for, more clicks is way much better then just few clicks a month. Ok, this might not be really clear, lets try it this way

1 click on an ad that is web hosting related would bring you $1.00, and you would receive 5 clicks a month, and that would be $5.00 for this month (yeah, i know, those are poor numbers), and we spoke before that tech related visitors tend to avoid the ads, thats why we have this low rate of clicks.
while, 1 click on an ad that is lyrics related would bring you $0.10, and you would receive 2-3 clicks a day, thats $0.30 dollar cents a day, within 3 days you would reach $1.00, while within 15 days you would reach $5.00 more or less, and your earnings are same as the high PPC web hosting related web site. Well no, you still have 15 more days until the end of the month…

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3 Responses to “Non internet topics for monetizing your web site or blog”
  1. Mark Lopes says:

    I really agree with you. I also have two sites, and my music website has 10 more visitors and clicks than other web related site that I have. The only bad thing is that my music site gets around 0.02/0.03 cents per click. I know this is real low, but it’s the only one getting me some revenue, while the other will sure take more than a year to make 100$. But really, great post though…

  2. Hello Mark,
    Thanks for passing by and taking your time to comment. I know that music related sites have poor PPC, but as you have also confirmed what i did wrote, more clicks with lower revenue will still make more money. The fact is that tech oriented visitors are pretty much ad blind or have blocked ads to be displayed from their browser options, while the common users (or better, tech savvy) are curious and they want to find out more..and more there for they are not afraid to click on a ad if they think the ad will bring them the solution.

    Anyway, i know that you can increase the PPC by doing some tricks to your content and playing around with AdSense, i will remember to write how i increased PPC rate on some of the sites i own.

    Thanks again for passing by Mark, and hope to see you around more often. Watch the tomorrows post, it could be really interesting for those that want to make money online.

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