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SEO Tutorials | April 5th, 2008 | 7 Comments

The guy behind the seo bible that now is offering online seo training has came out with a new entertaining and useful tool, and as always he serves us with such tools for free (or rather, for branding).

Since when have you wanted a tool that would perform a query on major international search engines, Google.com, Yahoo and MSN and show you where your site is ranking for the keyword you are performing the query search? I bet it is since a long time ago. Well Aaron Wall has came out with the Ronk Checker (its not a typo, its Aaron wanting to be an artist) which is an addon for FireFox browser.

The installation is quiet simple, just as with all other FireFox addons. Once installed you can open your Rank Checker from Tools > Rank Checker > Run. Now that you got your Rank Checker open you can simply write down the URL of your site, the keyword you want to check how your site is ranking (and the sweet part is that, you can actually add multiple keywords at once) on three different search engines.

It is useless to take screenshots since Aaron has already made a how-to video tutorial for this addon, all you can do is watch the video here and decide if you want this addon or not, regardless if you think it is a waste of time and that you can check your rankings manually, remains the fact that this is (maybe) an entertainment tool but in the same time it can save you time and help you monitor your search engine rankings from a closer view.

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7 Responses to “Rank Checker – Firefox Addon”
  1. SEO blog says:

    Thanks for the link.
    The plugin looks great. How it is different from SEOquake plugin ?

  2. Hartamon says:

    Thanks for useful tool.

  3. Saleel says:

    Hi thanks for your info. i had tried many softwares and there was no accuracy in reports. this is really good

  4. Where is the download link for this toolbar?

  5. Hello “Racing Website”,
    The download link to the addon is embeded within the post, however this is the exact URL from where you can download the addon is at: http://tools.seobook.com/firefox/rank-checker/


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