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Since you are already on this SEO blog it means that you are interested on SEO and find out ways how to better optimize your site and rank higher in the search engines. But maybe you are just someone that has already tried the tips that you have read on other seo blogs as well, applied them to your own blog and you did still didn’t tasted the joy of having visitors from search engines. Well no worries, in this article I will tell you something that you have apparently failed to notice or you have simply ignored that fact.

Lets presume that you are just starting a blog for your self for some reason, you do have excellent content of which you are aware but you just need that touch to get notice by other bloggers or people that are looking for blogs similar to yours. I know also that you have already made your keyword research for your blog and got yourself a killer domain name with keywords in it to help you in your search engine optimization process. You have also optimized your title tag and done all the tips and advise you had read from various seo tutorials on the web. But yet, you fail to attract interest of other bloggers or of readers.

Tracking the problem in your SEO optimization process

The mistake that most bloggers do when they try for their second, third of fourth time to optimize their layout, without any real previous experience in search engine optimization is that they AIM targeting their main keywords and optimizing their blogs homepage. Doing that, I can tell that you have become obsessed with SEO and you have simply forgot about your main goal, which is to attract visitors by delivering them quality content, because thats the only thing that distinguishes two blogs from each other.

Forget about your blogs homepage and the main keywords for a second, you need those initial visitors to notice your blog, you need to tell these visitors that you DO have a blog and it is WORTH reading it because you share good information’s there. But how to do that? It’s pretty simple and the answer is… long tail keywords.

Long tail, to become visible

Long tail is actually a term to describe the strategy of targeting less competitive niche-markets. But to make it simple for everyone, long tails are those long keyphrases that consist 3-4 or even 5 words, for example a short keyword would be: Make Money Online while a long tail could be: Ways of making money online blogging (you get the point? They are longer but more descriptive).

Usually long tail keywords are less competitive, many would simply ignore long tail keywords until a year or two ago even tho people that do perform a search query very often use long tails (myself too, I often search long tail when I want to find a solution for my problem, its more specific and the results are often more accurate). Bill Tancer reported at SearchScape session that long tail search queries are increasing in 2009. That means you have a great opportunity to get visible to many readers and get your blog notice, bookmarked, shared or even linked by targeting the less competitive long tail keywords.

Aaron Wall also gives a great example why it makes sense to target longtail keywords first. In the chart as you can notice the work involved to target longtail keywords is smaller then targeting the main keywords. Your work is more concentrated on content and optimization of your content for the long tail keywords. It requires less effort on link building campaigns and yet it gives you excellent results by driving visitors to your site in a easier way, and you do need even those 2-5 or even 10 visitors a day to one page only.

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  4. agnes says:

    Yes targeting for the long tail keywords is a good idea because by targeting these kinds of keywords we can get listed in top in search engines.