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SEOContest2008 is indeed an unusual title, but don’t mind the title of this post, the folks at UK webmaster forum seo contest have decided to run a SEO contest for the term SEOContest2008 so I was willing to partecipate.

The keyword that is being used for this SEO contest (SEOContest2008) had 0 results on the SERPs and only 2 hours after the contest started there were already 10 page results (meaning 10 people took part of this contest). It looks like it is going to be a interesting contest and I have to admit that this is the very first time I am partecipating in a SEO contest (not only for this year but first time in general). Before I have taken part of contests but not SEO related one even tho I am not a big fan of contests that rely to luck, but I like more competitive things and thats why I joined this 2008 SEO contest.

In this SEOcontest2008 there will be maximum of 300 entries (which means, my chances to win this contest are 1/300), but I believe that with the help of my readers (YOU) winning this contest will be much easier and the feeling will be much much better knowing that you guys supported me. And as return, everyone of you that will help me out will be rewarded (in one or another way). I do believe you guys will help me win this contest.

SEOContest2008 Support

Your contribute will be simple in this SEOContest2008, and with this guide you will also learn a lesson on SEO too. As far as it regards on-page optimization I will handle that (actually I am while I am writing now). Now you might be asking what would your role be at SEOContest2008, it’s simple. You guys most likely have established sites already, and we do know that Google search engine does LOVE established sites more than the new sites, so your link will count a lot for the search engines (and way much more for me).

All you need to do is link to this exact post from your site(s) by using anchor text for the link anchor SEOContest2008 (capitalizing or lowercase doesn’t really matter).

I do believe that you folks will help me out to win this SEOContest2008. Once you link from your site (or sites if you have more then just one) drop a comment bellow (or even a email) to let me know of your contribute to me.

Thank you all, and lets roll this SEOContest2008

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17 Responses to “SEOContest2008”
  1. dre says:

    Good luck!

  2. Thank Dre,
    Good luck to SEOContest2008 to you too 😉

  3. Ummm thats a heck of a keyword stuffing (a good attempt) but will give just some time to see where it will lead (after all can remove it whenever i feel like)..I am having fun more then luck for the moment 😉

  4. Mark says:

    So you want us to feed you free backlinks, however you Nofollow our comments and don’t give a damn about your readers or the people who comment here.

    You just want people to help you get some stupid $1,000. If you were a decent SEO you wouldn’t be playing games begging visitors, you would of optimized a clients site and earn’t triple.

    Right… Last time i’ll bother reading this site again.

  5. If you think the game is for the $1000 i might be closely right (even tho thats not even close to my online earnings). Noone is definitively begging YOU mark (ups sorry for writing your name in lowercase) actually, this is the first time I see you on this blog and will care less if I won’t see you again if your only reason for commenting is the dofollow link rather then sharing and discussing the subject.

    The dofollow remains and WILL remain on the comments of this blog since I find it even more useful for keeping away comment spammers (not you, but you got my point) than Askimet. Blogs are not for “building links” but rather for discussing and getting known, reading and sharing and if you have missed that concept I am sorry for you.

    Said this, please send me your URL so I can link back to you (but be sure you won’t be reading this blog again after the link).

    Have a good one 😉

  6. Optimizer says:

    Good Luck!!

    Good to see how the contest shapes.

  7. Mark says:

    I Think, It’s Very Nice…

  8. Just to let everyone know, this last Mark is not the same as the previous one.

  9. Your doing great in the Seo Contest 2008.

    I wish you best of luck!

    Regards, Resonate
    UKWW Internet Marketing Admin

  10. Thank you johny, Resonate there is still some more time to go before we can talk for real 😉 just to let you know I keep an eye on you.

  11. Let me know if you want to trade links with my entry to the competition. I am currently #4 in google for seocontest2008! Good luck with the competition!

  12. Nope not interested. But thanks for your offer 😉

  13. How linkinga from websites contesting to each other will help here? Will both be benefited or how?

    And I am still waiting to see who was the first Mark 🙂

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