The Make Money Online Plugin Update

Make Money Online | August 27th, 2007 | Comments Off on The Make Money Online Plugin Update

If you have followed my blog for awhile than you have read the make money online with OIOPublisher by selling text link ads and keeping for yourself the 50% commission that Text Link Ads charges for each link sale you make through them.

The OIOPublisher Direct WordPress plugin is good if you want to privately sell textual link ads, tho the plugin was limited to only text link ads and in-post textual ad sales.

After several suggestions and requests the OIOPublisher plugin has been updated and new features have been added to it.

– added support for video advertising sales added
– added support for custom service sales added
– added support for paypal subscription
– added support for post tagging
– added support for plugin folder renaming, to enhance privacy
– finer control of link expiration, duration, and nofollow attributes
– post specific sales links added for inline links and videos
– better support for widgets / widget editing
– removed purchase link, replaced with advertising badge
– your blog will now email you whenever an update is released
– code cleaned up, global config variables removed

These are the new features you can find by using the OIOPublisher WordPress plugin, now you can sell more than just text links, the plugin is slowly turning into a billing plugin which lets you charge through the plugin your services too. The options to make money online are expanded with this updated WordPress plugin.

If you think it is time to get rid of the PPC Networks and keep all the money for you from your blog than this is the right plugin for you. Download OIOPublisher Direct WordPress Plugin and start making more money online.

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