To Those That Gave Me a Hand

Open topic | March 27th, 2008 | 1 Comment

When the UK Webmaster Forums launched the 2008 seo contest I was willing to participate and have some fun (and why not, win the $1000).

I lost interest in this contest when the blog got messed up and everything else did too. But before that I asked my readers to give me a hand with this seo contest by linking to the seocontest2008 page with anchor text “seocontest2008”. Even tho I give up competing for that keyword, and the time is short to change my mind now I believe that as winner or looser I owe something to those that helped me out.

To re compensate those that helped me I am going to give to each 300 Entrecard credits and 1 month 125×125 banner spot on this blog. Kindly, contact me with the next informations

  • Email where to send the Entrecard Credits
  • URL where the 125×125 banner is hosted and where should be linking

I might be slow in responding to your email so no worries if you won’t hear from for a bit. Waiting on your emails.

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One Response to “To Those That Gave Me a Hand”
  1. wow. I wish i would have heard about that contest. I think I could have taken it. It was an awesome idea though.