Wordze Easter Weekend Special

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I feel like I am leaving everything behind my hands with this blog lately, even tho I love it. If you just see the dates of the published articles you will realize as well that I am not blogging as often as I used to. When I see my traffic stats and the RSS count where I was heading over to the 100 RSS readers before and now have stopped at 80 something it makes it clear to me that I am leaving this blog behind my hands, and when I just checked the email I realized how much I was leaving it behind my hands.

Today in the email box I found a promotional email from WordZe which was delivered on 12 February (heck, 10 days late). A promotional email of importance specially for the readers of this blog that want to learn seo and which I should have blogged about right away on the same day, and not one day before Easter.

For those that don’t know what WordZe is and what it does, WordZe is a keyword research tool with some great options to discover your keywords for which is worth competing on the SERPs of the search engines.

As always during holidays everyone is more kind, in business for holidays it is the right moment to give a part of your business to customers at a lower rate or rather, it is the same moment when you can act kind and good, attract new customers to checkout your services at a lower rate, make them love the service you provide them and let them continue later on at the normal rate, a great strategy in other words. This same technique is applying WordZe during Easter weekend.

If you discovered WordZe from my previous blog post but you thought the price was expensive then this is your moment to give a try to wordze and subscribe for 30 days for only $14.95 and save over $30 (thats 33% savings). This promotion is valid only for those that subscribe during this special promotion and will be valid only for the first 30 days. If you will like their services and would want to continue your subscription the next months you will be charged at the normal rate.

Subscribe today and save over $30 with WordZe.

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One Response to “Wordze Easter Weekend Special”
  1. have you ever tried wordze? how good is the service they offer?