Miscellaneous Ramblings for 8-20-2007

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I have decided to that every Sunday (even tho tonight is Saturday as i am writing this post) i will write samples of the posts that I wrote during the week. The ramblings will not be of all posts, it will be only of those posts that were a good read (based on the stats).

Google removing the PageRank score ?

Rather or not Google is going to remove the PageRank score was a topic discussed through many webmasters. It was put in doubt the Google’s decision on thinking that they will gain more control on webmasters that do business by selling text link ads to trick the Google’s algorithm and increase PageRank votes. It is still not clear and there is not public announcement as of removing or not the PageRank score.

Search Engine Boolean Operators

After the fundamental concept of Web search with Google as starting post to explain to which parts of your website Google search engine gives weight and importance i wrote about Search Engine Boolean Operators. A post that explains in simple words how we can write a keyword rich title by removing the boolean operator words and decreasing the length of the title and in the same time increase the percentage of the keywords in a title.

Win a LG 24″ LCD monitor

This contest is not managed by me, nor i am running this contest. The contest is run by John Chow and The Million Dollar Wiki. The contest winner will not be winning only a 24″ LCD screen but will also win a free signed The 4-Hour Workweek! book. While John Chow and The Million Dollar Wiki run this contest together, you can get $10 discount if you purchase a page from The Million Dollar Wiki by using the coupon code JohnChow.

Make Money Online with OIOpublisher

Simon Emery of OIOpublisher Direct has developed (or as i lately found out, he acquired the plugin and reworked it) a WordPress plugin that gives you the opportunity to privately sell text link ads or sponsored posts, this way you can lose the 50% commission that text link ads network takes. Even tho the plugin is neat and works perfectly if you don’t have a traffic busy website you will not be able to sell much as you could sell with Text Link Ads thanks to their marketplace portfolio. OIOpublisher has a marketplace but it is still weak, I believe it will grow..and if it does, it would be a great opportunity for many.

Double your online revenue

On this post i have described how John Chow the dot com mogul has doubled his income from an ad space he was using. The dot com mogul had a post on his blog named Are you getting the maximum dollar for your ad place? which was one of the best posts I had read on his blog. It is a really good read.

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2 Responses to “Miscellaneous Ramblings for 8-20-2007”
  1. Vijay says:

    Google removing the PR score may cause a lot of anguish for a huge no. of webmasters.. And most certainly ad revenue would take a beating for those relying on the PR score alone

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