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Make Money Online | June 26th, 2007 | 1 Comment

I have not wrote much on Web Site Monetizing, i have more concentrate writing on SEO optimization and SEO tutorials. Anyway, it is about time to give a news for those that monetize their website with Google AdSense, this news could be on many internet marketing and seo blogs already, but not quiet sure as I would not know when this new option became available for AdSense Publishers.

When you generate a code in your AdSense account the usual tools you could chose were the size of the ad placement and the colors, you were able to modify the color of the ad, the size, the look and blend your ads with your site till a certain point. The thing is that all these ads would display on a square shape
Square Corner AdSense Ads

Today, when i logged in my adsense account and wanted to test something I did notice a new feature called Corner Styles, with this option you could change the shape of your ads and make the corners rounded, which is good for those that have a web site layout designed with rounded corners (finally those guys can blend ads better in their rounded corner sites).

There are two new options (besides the square ads), the first is called Slightly Rounded Corners and will make ads look like this
Slightly Rounded Corners AdSense Ads

the second option is called Very Rounded Corners and here is a preview of how this shape ads looks
Very Rounded Corners AdSense Ads

With these new shapes of ads AdSense publishers have now more options to integrate and blend their ads with their site and expect more income.

Will these new ads shape options of AdSense help you integrate your ads better with your site and help grow your adsense income? Comment and let us know.

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One Response to “New option for AdSense publishers”
  1. John says:

    Adsense monetization is gaining grounds with more options in the Adsense setup and the tools like which provide more options on the outside also.